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Make sure your viola sleeps well in your case - sleeping bag for your viola in beautiful silk fabrics, handmade by me.
Silk gives a sence of luxury and beauty, but not only that - silk is very good to have around your viola since it has a good moisture regain, so it will help protect your instrument.

Beautiful black Chinese silk brocade full of flowers! Lined with pink charmuse silk, padded around the body of the instrument.

Since all violas are different sizes please check the measurements to see if it would fit your instrument!

This bag is made to fit a viola this size:
Full length: 68-72 cm
Width shoulders: 19,5-21,5 cm
Width hips: 24-26 cm
Body length: 40-42,5 cm

Model: Sleepy (the green and the gold-blue in the picture)
This model is padded around the body of the instrument (not the neck). The padding is about 1 mm (0,04 inches) thick and very soft. (can also be made without padding.)
It is made of beautiful silk brocade and lined with very soft and smooth silk.
There are no seams inside the bag where the viola could get stuck. There is only one very small at the very top of the scroll (no other part of the violin will ever be in touch with it).
You easily slide the viola in and out of the bag, and when putting it in the case the bottom part of the bag that is a bit longer will naturally bend up around the viola and cover the remaining part of the Viola.

Care: Dry Cleaned only. Can be ironed at the lowest heat.
If you have very strong velcro in your case - please be a bit careful so that the velcro does not hurt the silk!

A treat for your viola - and yourself!

Please contact me for any questions!

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